Monday, 9 May 2011

Final rendering

This is the final rendering version for Dancing girl


This is the stage I created for the dancing girl, the little light around her are the lighting I made for this animation. they have diffent intensity, sepcular attribute and distance and different kinds of light, including points light, ambient light and sport light.


This the texture for the dancing girl body, those images are drawn in the Photoshop, I used so human skin texture on open source on internet and modified those skin into my character UV and draw the eyes, mouth, ears on it.

Body rigging

This is the full body rigging I learned in N-Gen, this skeleton can be used both in hand-key animation and Motion capture system. the entire skeleton has over 60 bones together and tightly relate to human skeleton. modify each bone, I can also do IK- FK hand key animation. Also, if I have any mo-cap data, import into this skeleton, the mo-cap animation will be transform on it.

facial rigging

This is my style of facial rigging for the character emotion. there is 32 marker on the face, control those marker I can do any mico-expression of the human do. This facial rigging is what I learn on the mico-expression book, and use those concept theme on the 3D model.


I created this model in Maya2011 base on the concept art design. Each single line and vertex is my hand made work. The mesh is highly representing the human structure. And combined with my Yuyu-style human skeleton rigging, it can do any motion human can do. So this model will be siut for mo-cap animation and tranditional hand key animation.

Concept Art

This Model is designed base on the cultrue dressing of South China 100 years ago. This concept art was drawn by my friend JiaHui Jiang. I choose this style of dressing is because of I want to present the beauty of girl in the South part of China where I bored and grew up.